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Get Satisfaction: Well I did just that, got satisfied. An easy to use, easy to sign-up approach at customer service. The elimination of the “bitchy” customer service rep (I have been one) who has the ability to hang up, put you on hold, or utter the dreadful “I dunno” is eliminated at last! Only problem, it isn’t as effective if everyone isn’t on the same page – see case studies below! However what can work is using this site to up your brand awareness. Everyone loves a company that is getting online, and public relations is all about relating to the public – right?! Getting online to get satisfied means that your company looks better in the public eye. Sign-up, challenge company reps and explore
The Good Case 🙂 – Rolling Stones worthy
I want Sandy: What about a Sam? Then I would be all in! Regardless, what a great example of using Get Satisfaction to the best of its ability. A question was asked and less than two hours later it was answered. ‘I want Sandy’ is an e-mail personal assistant, meaning the users are tech savvy and people on the go – they want answers yesterday to questions asked today. Keeping up to date with three employees makes Get Satisfaction a great way for Sandy and her team of merry reps to get down to the customer service business.

The Bad Case 😦 – Britney Spears worthy
Starbucks: Grande Mocha Frappuccino please, hold the online customer service. Of course my favourite treat has to be made by a company that chooses to have a terrible relationship with Get Satisfaction – although the drink is satisfying. ‘Starbucks’ has one employee, one post, and no replies. I am also assuming it only has one follower because the barista seems to be only a part-timer behind the coffee machine. This page is annoyingly unhelpful, good thing they have addicts consuming their products.

P.S. – Rolling Stone’s reference… in order to “Get Satisfied” you have to be at the top of your game, otherwise I just ain’t getting no satisfaction.

www.getsatisfaction.com 😉