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Secret #5, don’t launch on a Monday.

After reading Tech Crunch’s post entitled PR Secrets for Start-Ups, I am starting to realize that as much as I would like to be the independent PR practitioner who makes it to the top on her own right – it ain’t gonna happen. We are all completely intertwined.

I am already horrible with personal relationships (see status of single for further details), nevermind relationships with those in the PR field. You are asking for a lot out of the 20something-year-old “I want a job so I can move out and have a loft for my shoes”. However, it makes sense!! Tada!

“Great bloggers see their posts as the first comment in a conversation, rather than the final word on that particular topic.”

Now wouldn’t it be nice if you could just post and not have anyone read, no judgment, no comments… no silly, that’s a diary. Blogging, especially PR blogging is meant for others to see, create a community of readers and responders in order to further a thought or idea.

All in all, we couldn’t survive without people posting start-up rules, and those who have responded. It would just be one big mass of typing for the sake of seeing yourself pattern a page with letters.

Listen, respond and write with keeping that in mind. And who knows, possibly building blogging PR relationships over martini’s on my computer will be better than building them over an awkward first-date dinner… martini for thought.