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Dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun… (theme song, cut me some slack). It is finally here! Sex and the City The Movie – if you could only see the smile I have on my face now, ear to ear. After reading a fellow classmates blog, by the way Sarah you broke my heart by not loving it, I felt I had to comment. But needless to say… shoes have sizes and so do movies, they aren’t all going to fit you, and therefore Sarah I forgive you for feeling the ending was disappointing! — You’re welcome.

I went at 11:05 on Friday night – after having a few cocktails with a girlfriend to see the most anticipated movie in my life. The feeling afterwards was tremendous, it felt like a night out with my four best girlfriends who are closer to my mothers age than mine. However, I do understand the ideas behind Sarah’s blog post. Prada, Louis Vuitton, Apple, BlackBerry, Vera Wang, Christian Loubutin… we got it already – the ladies are loaded and love material things. But really ladies (and gentlemen) did you expect anything less?

I fell in love with the original show for its reality and the reality that I may like to have one day. For the fashionistas (I missed Toronto Style Week’s best shows to see this movie – sad I know) the movie would have lacked luster without the name drop sequence in bridal attire. You don’t see it everyday, and almost all of us will never be able to put on a Vivienne Westwood dress paired with Manolo Blahnik shoes. It is a treat for the eyes and ears. Although true, the excessive Starbuck’s being flashed in my face did make me crave a mocha frappucinno (is there a trend with this popping into my blogs), product placement for the most part made sense – excessive or not.

Carrie wore a bird on her head for her wedding – excessive. And I loved every minute of it. Did we really, really expect anything less than an over-the-top Manhattan name dropping movie?