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Recently my sleeping limits have been tested. Work and school are piling up and truthfully, the life of a former University student, sleeping until noon and having one class per day, seems like another lifetime ago.

We’re tired.

Yes, it is that plain and simple. Four days of classes, 8:30am starts, client projects, part-time jobs, community service, recreational activities – I am tired just typing it. But, I am not complaining. More just enlightening those reading this as to my whereabouts.

Classes at 8:30am mean I am out of bed at 6:30am in order to commute staring at 7:15am. Now if you press snooze from 6:30 straight through to 7:30, you will be late. An hour or more late depending on atrocious traffic. My point is, we’re tired – hitting snooze is the only control I have over my life right now. Four hours of sleep can be turned into a dreamy five hours of sleep with the snooze button. This button has magic I can’t even fathom consuming – better than any super power. The ability to give someone sleep!

It is not as though I do not like waking up for 8:30am classes, usually I am up earlier working on client work or attending meetings. However, let it just be known that when you are hitting crunch time with your post-graduate degree the amount of hours sleeping tends to trump the amount of skills you may be learning. Case in point.

However, I am turning over a new leaf. My name is Shannon, and I’m a snoozeaholic. Hi Shannon.

Instead of a 12 step program, I am doing a 12 class program. Two morning classes per week for the last six weeks. 12 steps to a healthy career – sounds about right. No snoozing, no projecting, no meeting.

Wish me luck in SA, snooze.