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In class today there was talk of branding yourself. No, not with a hot piece of metal. Creating a self brand – how do you describe you. While this may seem like an easy task, it is a daunting one that I will need to succumb to on Friday. Now, I will enjoy it once I wrap my head around it but really, this isn’t an easy thing

Describing yourself means admitting to flaws. We all have them, let’s not beat around the bush. Flaws make us who we are, but really, are we going to brand ourselves with all the bad? No. The key is to take those flaws, admit them and see where the have brought you in the number of years you have existed on this pretty planet. From there it should be easy to tell the person who you are, flaws and all, and focus on the goods.

Branding Piece 1: I am a lipstick feminist – no not a stripper – a woman who is a force to be reckoned with but still shaves her legs. Lipstick feminism doesn’t have to be about women who turn what society deems as degrading into empowering. It can also be women who are comfortable with being a head turner both in looks and in intellect.

That’s a piece of my brand, and really branding doesn’t have to be a label. I am not all of a sudden labeled as a lipstick feminist and that’s it. And by the way, it should be changed to Lipgloss Feminism, let’s keep up with the times shall we folks.

Branding Piece 2-1,000: I am reader, a sister, a conversationalist, an event planner, a professional cheerleader, a daughter, a writer, a dancer in both reality and in my underwear, an avid reality show junkie, a watcher of highly well written television programming, a sports enthusiast, an avid snooze pusher, a bop around singing in my car to music listener and so on and so forth. That makes up a brand, the many facets of you.

I guess the difficulty is pin-pointing it for the task at hand. How do you make a brand to be released into the world of PR if you are still defining the ‘you’ your brand is trying to define? As well, I may define myself in a different way than others may – branding me could be another form of judging me. Or better yet, judging others and labeling them in a whole new way.

As communicators we need to look at branding as a work in progress. Products change, and therefore brands change – we are hot commodities too! Our brands will continue to change and thats ok, just as long as we aren’t going under the hot metal, we should all be fine.

As for my brand… still working on a logo.