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Recently I was watching an episode of MTV LIVE, when Flo Rida was partaking in an interview of sorts. Flo Rida, maker of the hit “Get Low” – or better know as apple bottom jeans, and the boots with the fur – spoke of his Myspace page and what makes him unique.

You can call him! Really, he has a cell phone that he answers solely for fan calls. The telephone number is at the top of his Myspace page encouraging fans to pick up the phone for a chat.

This sounds like a fabulous PR stunt! Ok yes, he could be doing this for the sole purpose of connecting with his fans, but frankly I believe some genius who graduated from a high-end communications program thought this would be “different” and get hits on a page that includes his music.

Now Flo Rida does say he answers, I have yet to call as I still need to practice my freestyling. However, maybe this is a new way for musicians or producers to connect with their fans. Every musician has a Myspace, a website, a fan club, but a cell phone?! Brand new!!

By making yourself accessible, you are connecting further to fans which will later increase your sales. Believe me, if Brad Pitt started answering my calls (please answer), I would be buying the entire awful Ocean’s 11-22 collection 🙂