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Well, well, well… I am back in the blogosphere after more than a week off.  I had one week of summer vacation and became a vampire who quivered at daylight and thrived in the wee hours of the morning.  Case in point, I had fun.  When you have to wrap up an entire summer vacation in seven days – well as the saying states – go big or go home.

There is plenty of PR I could talk about; Beckham not showing up to his own party -tsk, tsk- the onslaught of viral marketing for The Dark Knight (Oscar nod anyone?), or the re-defining of my own brand – INTERN!  Regardless, I will save my fingers from typing and just state that by taking a week off from blogging I have realized that there is a multitude of things I would like to write and only 8 minutes of the work day left.  Instead I will leave you with this, I am breaking the fast and will be back to blogging about all sorts of things including my new frosted glass desk at my internship that I am falling head over jimmy choo’s with.

As well – thanks to those who had to listen to my banter and wordy sentences during text or bbm conversation… I’m sorry!  When I don’t type it out in some way shape or form, you all tend to get gramatically correct text messages – deal with it!