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Kyrgyzstan, Togo, Uzbekistan.  What do these 3 countries have in common?  More medals than Canada!  Now I am promising this post will not be about the efforts of the Canadians in Beijing, nor their slightly “cheerleader” like attitudes towards the games (beating your personal best does not excuse you for coming in last).  However, when did I become a gymnastics judge? 

I have learned that the Olympics makes us all one thing, a collective bunch of critics.  Let’s get this straight – and this is extremely shameful for me to admit – I cannot do a cartwheel.  A simple cartwheel and I have been a cheerleader for the past 9 years of my life.  Yet I sit, night after night, critiquing the efforts of exceptional athletes.  Am I serious here?  With a bowl of ice cream I might add. 

I know I am not the only one who does this.  We won’t stand behind our athletes, we’re quick to pass judgement on those who excel in their sport, and yet we are the ones lying on the couch?  We don’t even put as much effort into this as those who sit and pretend they know every last detail of the game of hockey.  Once every two years we become Olympic experts who know NOTHING about the sports we are critiquing. 

He didn’t hold that plank like pose long enough on the rings (Maltese… I learned that last night).  And you call THAT a double twist full layout?!  He might as well not even be in the pool…

I don’t see these people sitting in front of my desk criticizing my job – is that really how you are going to answer the phone?

Now I am definitely not saying that we should get behind Canada these games… I support the country that produced the greatest thing to happen to the sport of swimming… but what I am wondering is where we all get off being so judgemental. 

“Those who can’t do, teach…” – well what do you do if you can’t do either… JUDGE!