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Most women have done this at some point or another, I just tend to do it a little more often.  Think about one of your favourite chick flicks or go girl television shows.  How many times have you seen the lead character walk through a busy street with a theme song playing that puts an extra pep in her step?  She is often in love and smiling at everything in her path, or just out of love and power-walking to show just how over him she really is. 

That’s me walking down Bloor, disconnected from the world through white headphones that are connected to my iPod.  Locate the shuffle feature, flip through a few songs and find the one that has a beat and a message worth strutting to.  This morning for some odd reason is was, “I Love You, Always Forever” – Donna Lewis.  While it has some serious walking beats at the beginning, I am left to wonder why on earth I chose to listen to a love song this morning?!  I also read a book with a full out love scene amidst the sand in my PG-13, until 7:30am this morning, book.  Is life truly trying to bite me in the ass?  Can’t a girl strut without being bombarded by the love bug from every angle.

Let’s even further trace back my steps this morning.  I thought I had walked in on a porno this morning at the Kiss & Ride.  I get it, Kiss and then Ride, but the PDA was off the charts.  The glance back and coy smile was enough to tell me this was new love.  Then my book, then my song, and then the onslaught of good looking men in suits – give me a break!  I started to really wonder on my walk if I was living in my very own unedited version of Sex and the City, I was just missing my heels.  It seems as though when you least expect it, life will say, “would you like sugar and irony with your coffee this morning?” 

Nevertheless, I felt as though I was in my own movie intro, and since my life currently resembles that of a sit-com, I hope it turns into a romantic comedy sometime soon.  The one where the impossible becomes the possible – or if anything less, I get my own strutting sequence.