I for a long time have wished for a moment in time where the couch was my playground.  I wanted to be the owner of my remote control, watch entire seasons of television shows in one sitting and eat snacks not meals.  I dreamed of wearing only sweats or pajamas and taking half hour showers because I had the time to.

What a terrible reality it is!!  I recently injured myself which has made my dream my harsh ‘slap-in-the-face’ reality.  The first few days could only be described as a Euphoric state of being.  However, now the bed sores are kicking in and I am ready to do something with myself.

This is where I truthfully believe you separate the drivers from the passengers.  I am a driver, and since my couch is in park currently, my itch to attain speed is taking a toll on me.

This is what happens when I sit idly by:

– I start to over analyze… everything.  “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”  Well I wish I could stick to that little quote because for some odd and bizarre reason I tend to take everything that is functioning normally and make it into a catastrophe when I have nothing to do.

– I tend to throw my healthy eating down the toilet.  Ice cream bars that are 90 calories are great when you eat just one… case closed.

– I sleep until the afternoon.  My sleep-in time used to be 9 am, and now that number is teetering on 1… pm.  It’s a sad reality, and resembles the life of a teenage boy.

There should be rules to this game!  For example, no texting, bbm’ing, facebooking or msning when in deep thought.  No more than one ice cream bar a day and waking up must occur in the am.

Nevertheless I need to get out of neutral and back into drive.