Baby, I’m back.

It has been a long winter, and Mother Nature still has yet to make up her mind about the season she would like Torontonians to exist in.  That moment in time where it is still chilly yet things are quietly blooming — also known as Blackberry Winter (oddly enough I have survived Winter due to my Blackberry but that is besides the point).

I came to the harsh realization last night/early morning that I have been in a complete and utter writing slump for quite some time.  I haven’t even been reading.  While many may not correlate the two, I believe that reading and writing go hand-in-hand and usually, putting my own finger tips to the keyboard quenches my word-filled-thirst after reading others prose.  I was left to wonder why.  My only reasoning for not writing is a lack of passion and that, my blogging friends, is about to change.

It is never that I am not passionate to write.  Writers write because it is always flowing within them.  However, that “writing block” that I would usually get for a few days quickly became a few months.   Which has left me to sit, ponder through the window pane watching seasons transform and realize that here lies a perfect opportunity to do the same as a writer. Shake off the old and embrace the new.  New topics, new points of view, hell why not a new title for my blog.  Blackberry Winter – where cool, snaps.