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Q, a Canadian Radio Show on CBC Radio One was reminiscent of the ol’ Cowboy Days yesterday.  All that was missing was a slap of the white glove to denounce a duel.  Jian Ghomeshi had his work cut out for him as Billy Bob Thornton, member of the Boxmasters, was just not having any of his interview.

As he mentions, Q producers were told to not touch upon anything that has to do with his past, including and more specifically referencing his cinematic career.  What troubles Jian, and the Q audience for that matter, is how a celebrity can go on air and think that a point of reference will not be made.  Billy Bob Thornton is not a household name like Brad Pitt – even after tumbling in the sheets with the same starlet – some listeners made need a refresher course into who-the-hell he actually is.

We may be a passive and an “I’m sorry” society, but the puck drops when American’s think they can come up here and toss that notion around like it’s a free pass.  The media doesn’t allow you to just put out your one-sided story.  If you, as a non-actor only Boxmaster (?), want to only talk about your current mod-Hillbilly album — than my friend write a book and in black and white monochromatic scheme entitle it yee-haw.  Otherwise, be prepared to answer the questions.  Talking about model King Kong’s when asked what your musical influences are does not make the host look stupid, it makes you look strung out.

As for the lack of drum-set, that is like showing up to an exam without a no. 2 pencil, it is your grade not ours and this one was simply a Fail.