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In the spirit of Mother’s Day, here are 5 gifts I received from my Mom over the years.

1. My grasp on the English language.  My Mom has always been a stickler for grammar which has in turn made me into the grammar police I am today.  “She did so good!” – or well, either/or.  Irregardless of that fact – hmm… not a word.  The there’s and the yours, the it’s and its and everything in between.  My Mother is the reason why I publicly correct people, and attack Blackberry messages with a fictitious red pen.  Blame her, not me.

2. My love for cooking but not cleaning. We both love cooking and wearing chic aprons. She learned from her Dad and in turn taught me how to work the stove, however, it is also due to my mom that I have never cleaned a bathtub. Spoiled, I know, but my Mom has passed down the most important value of all to me – hire a cleaning service. Thanks Mommy!

3. My overstocked book shelf. Reading is a huge passion of my Mom’s. I never see her without a book and she can read at the speed of light. In turn, I started reading from a young age which translated into my adoration of everything paperback. Bookstores are like a gateway to heaven and I can thank my Mom for one of my favourite hobbies.

4. The fact that I am a homebody. I go out often, we all know that. However, my favourite thing to do is curl up on the couch and watch a great movie or TV show. My favourite nights have been sitting with my Mom on opposing sides of the living room having a laugh over how into a reality show we both get. Home is truly where the heart is.

5. My ability to blow bubbles off my tongue. Yes it is saliva, and yes if it lands on you it is slightly gross. But what a great trick! One person in every generation of my family can do it and I happened to be the lucky girl in mine. It landed me my spot on the Argos Cheerleading team my first year (I guess I can thank my Mom for my looks that probably assisted with that), as well as the admiration of many onlookers who are perplexed as to where the bubble machine is.

So thank you Mom.