My personal documents folder is exploding with mindless dribble about the spewing of personal nonsense that has consumed my brain for the past while. None of it has been posted, but today reminded me of why I wrote any of it in the beginning. So I figured, take it to the mattresses. No, I have not watched the Godfather where that line stems from, but I have watched You’ve Got Mail where Tom Hanks explains fighting to Meg Ryan. It’s easy to wallow in self pity (see 3pm and still in jammies) but what isn’t easy is fighting for you. That’s right, y-o-u, the only person who you have to answer to in this lifetime. I received some “you’ve got to be kidding me” news today laced with uplifting news that made me realize fighting short battles to achieve your goals is an ongoing war. We all need our major meltdowns (whether they be 5 minutes of 5 months) but when the dust has settled, taking a look at the debris for any signs of a battle well fought is empowering. Keep fighting the good fight, I know I am.