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Single is sexy. Single is empowering. Single is strength, independence, Pussycat Doll dancin’, I don’t need a man singin’.

Single is also crazy.

Oddly enough that crazy is not due to most single women being insane, although I do know of a few horror stories that would have me retract that statement. However, most of the time, behind every crazy woman, is a man who made her that way.

Living the single life isn’t like beach life… the living ain’t easy. Sure you have the ability to play coy and flash a smile across the bar without a care in the world. Or better yet, ignore calls simply because you don’t have to answer to nobody, amen sista! But there are also the countless times that a single woman gets the knit-together-eyebrows look that states through facial expression – huh?! – and that doesn’t scream sexy.

I realized quickly that I make this face often due to the need for potential botox in my twenty-somethings. The look of complete confusion stems from my inability to form actual sentences after being steamrolled over by another “doesn’t have all his ducks in a row” man.

The bipolar boy, you know who you are – gentleman one minute, cocky bastard the next.

The goggles guy – whether intoxicated or sleep-deprived, he looked a lot better when you agreed to write your phone number on a cocktail napkin.

The miscommunication man, because he simply must have made a mistake in not communicating that he had a live-in girlfriend.

The complimentary chum, as I apparently could date anyone, because I am a multitude of things ranging from gorgeous to brilliant – but alas, cannot date him.

And we cannot forget;

The friendly fella, because who doesn’t want a new best bud.

These are all men who exist, and roam wild along our city streets confusing completely put together women. Oddly enough, they all sound like acts from an old traveling circus where normal men pay admission to laugh and point fingers. This concept could work, and would save me from potentially not being able to move anything above my eyebrows (tragic, as “Leah Miller face” frightens me).

Single is sexy dammit, stamped it, locked it, no erasies.