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Another one bites the dust.

I am now another year older, supposedly wiser, a few dollars richer and a few notches on the belt deeper. Oh, the tradition of the birthday celebration.

I miss the days of loot bags (I did have them this year as candy jewelry never goes out of style) and dance offs with prizes, party dresses that came to the knee and birthday cake with only a few candles.  Where did the days go of simply sending out hand-written invites and knowing your selected guests would be there with bells on from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM? The moments when streamers were all that was left on the walls and wrapping paper littered the ground to show another year celebrated? Instead, all I am left with is a killer headache and a brain filled from the whirlwind of a 5 day-birthday-bender laced with bad choices.

I save my best text messages for these nights. My best dance moves, my best lines, my best “you’ll always be my friend” heart-to-hearts and of course my most embarrassing, “if you were here…” subconscious confessions. I have realized, slowly but surely, that my birthday is grand, is fun, is fabulous until the day after. I’ve done the one apology that needed to be made, but mostly my birthday is a time for my friends to get a real kick over how silly I can actually be. How much I can let go of my usual wound up self and actually let the good times roll!

So with that, I raise a glass, to the new phase of birthday traditions. To having a classy heart felt dinner to celebrate with the people I love the most, and concluding it with a birthday beat-down bash resulting in having those same people remember why they love me after all. Cheers!