I have a friend, let’s call him “Mr. Basketball”. The stereotypical player who has the blondes wrapped around his finger and the brunettes wrapped around his… well. He wrote about struggling with the dating game, while handling his pro game. That finding the right girl could be as simple as looking to the seat beside him on the next plane ride. That if he were any other guy, it would be easy breezy. I often find athletes refer to themselves as being lonely. That it is a daunting task to find a woman who will admire them for their abilities off the court. Pardon me for being blunt, but I feel as though most wouldn’t have it any other way. This was my response.

Must be hard to decipher between the two –
Girls that flock to girls who flew
But for them it’s harder paying the toll
To be with that guy, her heart he stole
She could be that girl
Maybe he’ll take her for a whirl
But he’ll leave
Move on, no heart on his sleeve.

Which one is she?
The porn star, wanna get laid?
Or the one just looking for a topic for her next page?
Maybe she’s the one who you’ve been looking for?
Or the one who will end up passed out on your floor?
She could be the one that will turn your world upside down,
Make your feet elevate from the ground
But you’re gone
Moving on
Left to want what you just had?
Or wanting what’s next for this lad.

She’ll play with you
One-on-one, just you two
Wants you for your fame,
Is she to blame?
Cause you could flop
And then she’d stop
Find another one who made it
And forget all about your visit.
Because a dime a dozen is what you are
Just like her… super star
But on the off chance you meet a nickel
Don’t be fickle.
She’s worth any dime
And could be your once upon a time.

Your lonesome sorrow,
Thoughts to borrow
You have a ton
And are writing some
Channel it and accept your fate
She may just be your next date…
Which one you ask?
Well that’s precisely the difficult task.