“Who’d ya see? Where’d ya go? Who’d ya meet? What do ya know?” – Sex and the City

I have come to the realization that we are a generation of inquisitors. We all want hard fast answers, yesterday. I spend a lot of my time perplexed by language and gestures that I cannot quite comprehend. Not due to lack of intelligence, but more because I choose to see what writing on the wall I want to rather than the blatant message it has spelled out. Instead, I am left to ponder, over conversations and cues, questioning everything that has been said rather than drawing a conclusion based on my fabulous analytical skills (it says so on my professional profile).

We’ve all done the, “what do you want? Where is this going? What is effing wrong with you?”  Truth be told, none of us actually want to know.  We ask it because we love to be in the know.  Drama stems from unnecessary q & a’s, and in my opinion the Oscars never truly acknowledge the Best Actress in a leading role, otherwise I, and almost every female I know, would have a case full of golden stud muffs.  It even comes down to the little things.  So instead of wondering, and instead of causing scenes that would be found in chapter 11 of any of my favourite novels, why not let it ride out the way it is supposed to. Simmer down on the question marks people.  It will all be what it needs to be, we cannot read into anything else that is stated to give us a glimmer of hope.  This isn’t English class, no marks for theories and thought provoking questions. Put out the single bulb hanging over a steel table, show’s over kid.