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… at expressing their distaste for our “antics” last night.

The Jays opened to a sold out crowd, which was great, since we needed all the voices we could when booing Alex Rios. After tweeting about my admiration for the 46,000+ fans efforts, a few White Sox fans decided to start a twitter war. I don’t believe they knew what they were up against.

A blog was recently written by one of the White Sox fans, have a read. I apologize prefusely for sending you to this lengthy post, but in order to understand the remainder of this post, you may want to skim through.

My response:

I, being one of the “Jays fans” you conversed with earlier today, actually read your blog to see if you could express yourself more effectively in paragraphs rather than 140 characters. I was correct in assuming it was a waste of a read. Be advised, when quoting someone, especially in a textual context, you need to use their correct phrasing. As well, we averaged 23,162 fans per game last year. A staggering difference of 15,162 to what you’re suggesting we “pull in”. On a side note: your beloved team averaged 28,199 fans per game last year. Where’s your cities loyalty to your beloved sport?

Fair enough, we, just as any other city, become overjoyed at the thought of a home opener, regardless the sport (baseball isn’t a huge hit up North by the way). No one suggested that booing someone is classy, but I stick to my original statement that I am proud of the Torontonians who booed that loud, and that long, for a man who showed no class in the city he played for. As I expressed earlier to you, you’re allowed to be “pissed off” if someone told you that you suck, frankly you’re minimal pay bracket allows you to voice an opinion that involves cursing. Alex Rios’ doesn’t. That’s what happens when you sign a contract that entitles you to make millions. You lose the right to be rude to your “fans”. He should have smiled and thought to himself, “I may suck in your opinion, but I make more in a minute than you make in a day.”

As a writer, I am appauled by your inability to see the other side of the coin. No one is heartbroken Rios left, have fun with your new PR problem. As a “female sports fan” that you apparently “can’t deal with” (I corrected your spelling while quoting you, hope you don’t mind), take a good look in the mirror, you’re one too!

As for Alex Rios, like a typical “hyped up man” he can’t perform, but we wish him tons of luck in the hopes he can for the White Sox (just not in our stadium).


I know it’s only game 7, but as they say, it’s lonely at the top.