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I have good friends. Scratch that, great friends. Who when needed, talk me down from the ledge when I am about to jump.

While on the brink of an office melt-down (see, tears flowing while staring at my computer in my cubicle), I took a walk and remembered  the movie “The Holiday“. Amanda, Cameron Diaz’s character, is stressed out and ready to leave the hustle and bustle of the big city to relax, countryside, in a quaint cottage. While I am not packing my bubble gum pink suitcases (don’t judge me) to jet set off on vacation, I am feeling the same sick-of-it-all emotions that caused her to land in Heathrow. Maybe that was overboard, maybe she just needed a good cry, which of course lies the problem – she can’t! Either can I. It’s sad really. The last time I had a drop of foreign fluid trail from my eye down my cheek was…?

Today, after some disheartening news, I wanted to cry! I tried, I really did. I felt that burning sensation when your eyes well up, and then nothing. Not a drop. I still had to be talked down from eventually going overboard on the crazy ship, but again, thanks to great friends like Miss. Baldwin, I am back to writing. I am getting those emotions out the best way I know how.

I guess, in all essence, my words are my tears – no kleenex neccessary.