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The Rock take on the Orlando Titans tonight in a quest for the Championship. The Divisional Finals weren’t a walk in the park to get to, check out the latest Rockin’ the Mic to find out our perspective on Saturday’s game.

A 6-0 defecit. Well, for most teams that would be enough to throw in the towel. The Toronto Rock isn’t like most teams.

For those of you Rockers who weren’t in attendance at our playoff game on May 1st, the ACC was electric! While our Hot Rocks and staff members handed rally towels to the first 10,000 fans entering the ACC, we handed them out to fans patiently waiting in our will call line in order to get everyone ready to cheer on our boys. We even gave some to the Bandits fans, to wipe their tears – after the loss of course. Chants were heard from Union Station all the way to the gates and you could tell we would be in for an epic night.
Everyone was energized, hoots and hollers came from every end of the arena during O’Canada and the game was about to begin. The first promo that Shannon does every game is the “JB Goodhue Big Boot Relay”. There were 4 contestants, 2 Rock fans and 2 Bandits fans and she said, “make sure to start the night off the way we want to finish it, with a Rock victory.” They did just that, with a Rock fan race to the end we named Dave our winner (the Bandits fans had barely begun when our fans crossed the finish line). From there on we kept on a tight schedule with numerous promotions while listening to Buffalo fans applaude their team 6 times before the tables turned.

At the half, Rock owner Jamie Dawick put his money on the line as we played “Rock the Owners Wallet”. Not only did Scott, a season ticket holder, walk away with $500 cash from Jamie’s wallet, but also a jersey signed by all of our Rock players! Congrats again Scott. The Rock emerged from the dressing room, fired up, and we went on to dominate the second half of the game. Goal after goal we jumped up and down in our high heels screaming and high-fiving everyone in sight. Fans were up on their feet as we counted down the remaining seconds of the game 5… 4… 3… 2….. WHHOOAAAA!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the Toronto Rock, and to all of you for your wonderful compliments about Rockin’ the Mic this year. While our next playoff game will be on the road, we had an amazing home season with each and every one of you. Keep rockin’ and make sure to cheer on our boys from wherever you are next Saturday. Maybe we’ll be cheering from Orlando?! Mission fit in a lacrosse bag starts now!

– S & K