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Oh, hey there Shondra!

I thought I’d open on a less formal level, you know, because you invade my living room every Thursday night, we’re practically family. Anyway, Grey’s die-hard fan Shannon Kelly here. Sorry I couldn’t watch the finale Thursday night, I had something to attend to in real life (crazy right). I couldn’t tweet about my bff’s Meredith and Cristina, but they’ve already forgiven me so I hope you do too. I avoided as many spoilers as possible, which was easy since the twists and turns were crazier than a roller-coaster and who could wreck that much drama in 140 characters? But seriously, how do you do it? I mean, without wrecking it for other PVR mavens like myself, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! I even cried. Ya, that’s right, I cried. I don’t know if you frequent my blog Shondra, but I recently posted about my inability to shed salt water from my eyeballs. Thank you for putting my TV bff’s in such danger that it made me believe it was real! You’re lucky I didn’t need Dr. Yang to fix my heart (but if I did, I trust her, she rocks).

Maybe this sounds like a love fest, but what I am really writing to you to say is that while I love and appreciate your hard work, you’re kind of a bitch. Thanks for taking 5 years off my life. I’ll be sure to inform my grandchildren, on my death bed, that Grandma has to go now because Shondra Rhimes wrote a finale to Grey’s Anatomy in 2010 that almost put me into cardiac arrest. But they’ll be ok with it, I’m positive. Maybe I’ll play the episode on their Red Rays (Blue Rays will be soooo 55 years ago) so they can really understand why Grandma is kickin’ the can early. Much appreciated, I hope I at least make it to their weddings.

As for you Shondra, you have a hell of a lot to live up to next year. But I am looking forward to it and know you won’t let me down! Don’t forget, main characters can’t die – except if you want to bring back Izzy and kill her off, I’m ok with that. Oh, and if you need another writer, I’m totally available. I have a great idea for a transfusi-somethin-or-other linked with a sweet love story. Call me, ok?!

Love & Rockets,

Shannon Kelly

P.S. – Bailey, I mean Chandra Wilson, deserves an Emmy for this one; I’ll call the tuxes and work on it.