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It’s starting to feel like one of my favourite John Hughes movies, Sixteen Candles. No one from my immediate family had contacted me to wish me a happy birthday – and I’ve seen some of them! Did they forget? Or are they thinking I am skipping this one and pretending I’m still 24? Either way, I am feeling like Molly Ringwald minus the awful style choices.

This means I get a Jake Ryan though, right?! I’ve thought long and hard about this with one of my best friends Jenna, and by long and hard I mean a few e-mails. I’m thinking my modern Jake Ryan would be Tyler Bozak – tall, dark and handsome and slightly out of my reach… not league, right?! Riiiight?! It would definitely make my birthday this year a little bit sweeter.

25 – wow, where have the years gone? I have to say that while looking through old photos yesterday, and coming across a photo of a little girl with her whole life ahead of her, I wondered “what if she knew, what I know now?” I wonder if I would have made the same choices. Cared as long about those who broke my heart, and realized that most who have come and gone have merely been a blip on the timeline of my life.

To be honest, I don’t think I would change a thing. I haven’t been around the world, but I have met some incredible people in my travels. I have had numerous experiences that most wouldn’t be able to have in an entire lifetime. Loved and lost hard, cared deeply for friends, and have had friends who have returned the favour. I wouldn’t change any of it all. When I was 13 sitting with my Mom, munching on Smarties celebrating another year gone by, I believed my life would be a whole lot different than it is today – and that’s ok by me. I’m kind of glad I didn’t grow up to be the person I thought I would be, I’m glad I turned out to be exactly the way I am.

Speaking of my Mom, this day is really about her. She did all the work, literally. And for that, thanks Mom. Love you to death – and I appreciate you tolerating me for all of these years.

So as I blow out my candles this year, in between wishes for Jake Ryan and a Toronto Rock championship (here, here!) I will wish for another splendid 25 years of growth, love and opportunity. Cheers!

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