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Well, the Birthday festivities concluded yesterday, just in time for Halloween. Which is perfect, because last night my Mom and I went to see Wicked.

I’m a little bit of a theatre buff. In my former life I actually went to a play a week and wrote reviews – thank you student ticket pricing. Naturally, as a dramatic closeted hopeless romantic, my favourite musical will always be Phantom of the Opera. I love everything about it, including the feeling that I get “singing” Think of Me while sitting in the Pantages (it is the Pantages, not the Canon – deal with it). Although, I have to admit, I received tickets for my 13th birthday and had to leave during intermission as I was scared silly. I actually believed the phantom would come through my mirror into my room at night. I still kind of believe that, and for that reason, I still don’t have a single mirror in my bedroom. I digress.

Wicked was wonderful. I had heard from friends that it was their favourite musical of all time. Excuse me? Do we now have another addition to the Les Mis/Phantom “top of the pack” group. Those have always been the front-runners, and you never love both – one or the other. So, needless to say, I was surprised that Wicked was selected as top dog. I can now see why. From Glinda (or Ge-linda) to Elphaba – I truly enjoyed the music, the costumes, the set and of course – learning about the Witches of Oz.

So Torontonians, take flight. Get on your broomstick, or hop in a cab, whichever, and fly on down to see Wicked. It may not be the Phantom, but it warmed my tin man heart.

P.S. – the lead changed during half-time (wow, sports enthusiast much?) I mean, intermission. Odd, I have never seen that happen before. Must have been planned, as who sits around backstage in green make-up?