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So we suck. Even worse than the Bills, we suck. Thumbs up for sucking!

It’s official – the Cowboys are the worst team in the NFL. So bad, that Jerry Jones had to go back on his ‘changing a coach mid-season is ridiculous’ speech and fire Wade Phillips (cue applause track). Now in honour of Remembrance Day coming up, let’s take a minute to remember all the fun and joyous times we had with Wade… and done. Oh, you stared blankly because you couldn’t remember any? Samesies! Moving along.

It’s the middle of the season and I have already been asked if I am jumping ship. My hard fast answer is, no. Maybe you’re reading this, and you don’t know me very well, but one thing I am not is a bandwagon jumper. I will ride out the awful season just like Lions, Browns and even Saints fans have done for decades. Sure – everyone flops during playoffs if you’re team shit the bed, but we’re not even close to playoffs. I will stand beside my team until our ship officially sinks. Besides, we even have a new skipper, things could turn around for us! Go team Garrett!

As for the teams I am looking to keep the heat for the last stretch – the Packers would be at the top of my list. They played a great game against the Cowboys on Sunday night, and have one of the best Defensive Players in the league. I think they’ll have a great back 9 – oh wait, that’s golf.

Let’s get realistic – I’m not going to be cheering the Cowboys on after the regular season, so yes I will pick someone else to hoot and holler for. But one team you will never see me get behind is the Patriots. I may climb onto another boat, but it will not be one with a tea party.