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I once was thought of as a huge bitch. Probably still am to some people, but bottom line, I could flash a dirty look better than anyone I knew. So naturally, as I got older I flipped the switch. I matured, became non-confrontational, gave everyone the benefit of the doubt and wanted to be an overall pleasant woman.

Unlike nice guys, I don’t think nice girls finish last – I think they get taken advantage of.

Sometimes the bitch comes back. I get snarky – tends to be directed at an ex-boyfriend with an arrogant demeanour.  However, I always give the benefit of the doubt to people who don’t deserve it. I’ve been asking myself, “why” lately. Very unsure as to what makes me believe that people I don’t know deserve full trust from the get-go. Sure, in a court of law people are innocent until proven guilty – but track record has got to count for something. Our generation is filled with super self-indulgent people who look out for #1, and that’s it. So why, when it comes to matters of the heart, do we go in guns a blazing? Where’s the suit of armour? Where’s the fortress?

I’m not bashing males, frankly this is about all relationships. It just seems to be that we’ve all lost our way a little bit. You’re either one or the other – mega bitchatron or doormat.

Walls are built to keep a structure stable and sound, and maybe there is some validity to using the same principle in one’s personal life. I’ve learned lately that no one will protect you, but you. It’s not a pessimistic mind frame, it’s simply the truth.

With that being said, keep up those walls. Use bricks rather than dry wall, because baby – you’re worth someone putting effort into knocking them down (even if they have to rent a bulldozer, or purchase explosives). I’ve been throwing open house non-wall parties lately, and not only does it catch up with you, it leaves a big ol’ mess to clean up.

So you there, sitting reading this. – you’re worth the walls.

I’m worth the walls.