“Will you accept this rose?” – wow I’ve always wanted to say that.

Well, there won’t be any roses, but I am sure people will be thorny. After all, $3 shots of Jägermeister are being advertised.

I’m up for auction, folks. That’s right, you can bid on me for a date with all the proceeds going to the Heart and Stroke Foundation (stop laughing). Below are the details and I also encourage you to check out Zach Bussey’s Buyers Guide. Feel free to comment and tell him he’s full of shit (only 140? Oh wait, that’s dollars not pennies, niiiice). This is a Social Media Week event so make sure to use your hashtags #LoveAHeart and follow me @shankell.

Love A Heart: February 10th, 2011 – The Hideout

Cost: $5 at the door

Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction: Bidding begins at $25.00 (cash only)

Auction Details: There will be 10 bachelors and 10 bachelorettes. The auction will be split up into two parts. We will auctioning off 5 men and 5 women at 9:30pm. Then the awesome band, The Cover Boys, will play a set and the second group will be auctioned off at 11:00pm.

*Please note that the band and venue costs are being covered by The …Hideout so door cost will go directly to Heart & Stroke*

Fun Details:

  • Highest male & female bidders will each receive a Nella Bella bag (handbag for the ladies and a duffle bag for the gents) as well as a $100 each from Sleeman to spend at The Hideout.
  • Live music by The Cover Boys
  • $5 pints of PBR, $3 Jameson, & $3 Jägermeister

Everyone is welcome so invite your friends! You can RSVP here or to rsvp@girlsofto.com

If you’re unable to attend but want to donate to The Heart & Stroke Foundation you can do so here http://www.heartandstroke.on.ca/site/c.pvI3IeNWJwE/b.3581623/k.C08D/Donate.htm

The Hideout – http://www.thehideouttoronto.com/
Nella Bella – http://www.nella-bella.com/
Sleeman – http://www.sleeman.com/
Girls Of T.O. – http://www.girlsofto.com/

But Wait… Who are we auctioning off?

Morgan C Ross
Brock Mclaughlin
Steve Dao
Dan Levy
Zach Bussey
Tony Warrington
Jordan Bortolotti
Conor Mullane
Jason Howlett
Corey Herscu

Casie Stewart
Dani Goddard
Jessie Gu
Gail Gabrielle
Charise Garcia
Jen Lui
Shannon Kelly
Natalie Taylor
Raymi Lauren White
Leora Israel

To my ex-boyfriends, and all the boys I’ve dated, you’re lucky you copped a feel for free – this girl’s gettin’ pricey.

Love & Rockets,

Bachelorette #7 on the list, #1 in your heart.

From Left to Right: Jessica Hill and Me!

Please note: This is not how you will receive a rose if you buy me. Jessica Hill (Miss. May 2007) is the only girl getting a rose out of my mouth.