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Chivalry may not be dead, but I know one thing that is – the “thank you wave”.

Let me explain a typical evening to you. I take the GO train (Green Limo) home to my cozy little A-Town, hop off and shimmy my way through the crowds, who let me tell you, have very sharp elbows. Then I race with fury to my little Yaris, hop inside, wait 2.2 seconds for it to warm up, and then battle through the parking lot to the dreaded intersection.

That’s what my life looks like at 6:00. Here’s my issue. The jerks will not stop and let those of us pleasant people to the right, in. Jerks. So when I do squeeze in, whether they like it or not, I give a little wave. It’s not hard. Frankly I have the right to be a big huge bitch and give them a wave of the birdie, but no, I am a class act. (Ok, it might be a princess wave out of spite, but I still wave). Why then, why is this so hard for everyone else? It’s a wave. Small movements with your right hand to acknowledge to the world, or at least the car behind you, that you’re not a huge douche bag.

Let’s all try it together:

  1. Put up your right hand.
  2. Spread your fingers so that none of them are touching.
  3. Keeping your wrist relatively straight, move your hand to the left.
  4. The quickly move it back and forth, right, left… right, left.
  5. Ta da! You did it.

So come on folks. Show me the hand wave! It’s the least you brats could do.