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Today I look like a schoolmarm.

“Listen here, Sonny”

Maybe I should change that to, Schoolmarm Barbie!

“Meet me after school for some one-on-one tutoring”

Either way, I am starting to notice I change the way I dress a lot. Librarian, teacher, downtown hipster, ballerina, nerd, etc. All options point to me feeling good about what I am wearing, but are all very different facets of my personality – which really reflects who I am – a multi-faceted lady.

While that all sounds fun, and like I shop a lot, what it boils down to is accepting all parts of who you are.

After watching Glee’s “Born This Way” episode last night, I tried to think about what I would put on my t-shirt. I had no idea! So I thought about it…

Big Booty!

Alright, not the most serious conclusion. But really, what would you put? Your personal style may change, your job (Government employee by day, Sports Host by… game?) , your relationship status, your passions… but what is it that you’ve overcome and feel proud of now?

For me, I’ll go back to being a big bottomed schoolmarm today – and I’ll own it.