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Back in the day of young puppy love, I decided to lease a car while in school. I had snobby car standards: new and pretty. I was driving a ’95 Tercel, until my little brother wrapped it around a tree, and in order to venture down to the beautiful city of Rochester (blehhh) to see my boyfriend, I needed my own wheels! And the boyfriend, with his puppy dog eyes, made sure I knew I needed to come see him.

Insert 2008 Toyota Yaris here. He, Yari, was awesome! But I didn’t lease him because I was super excited to pay almost all my part-time pay cheque to a car. No, no, I was in love. Here was my car to drive me to lovin’, and I was doe-eyed.

Until we broke up, 3 weeks later…

So if anyone knows him (the ex, grrr), make sure you pass this gem along. He’s still waiting to hear back from me (keep waiting sunshine).

“I finally got rid of my car, you piece of shit.”

That is all.