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New Year’s resolutions, what a joke! Eh?! Ya…

Well this year I decided to have 11 goals instead of resolutions (sneaky, sneaky) and I was curious to see how I’m doing so far. Here’s my progress after 6 months (let me just say, I freaking rock).

1. Introduce a new vegetable into my diet.

Done and done. I introduced asparagus and cooked broccoli. Ya, be proud kids, be proud.

2. Introduce more people to the world of lacrosse and the Toronto Rock.

Done and done. So many people have come for the first time, thanks to twitter! Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for more. NLL Champion’s, and I hope that means more of you will check out the Toronto Rock next season!

3. Save cash money.

Done and done. While I’m also spending a boat load, I’m saving too. Thank you financial planner 🙂

4. Move in with Leslie.

This was almost going to happen, but we’re both way too good on our own. So instead I often stay at Less’ place, and play sleepover. So this is a done and done too.

5. Get some flexibility back, by doing yoga.

Haha, no.

6. Take care of my pesky knee.

Yes! I am going to have surgery in a year and a half (thank you wait times, Jeeze Louise).

7. Continue being happy developing my career path.

I actually am doing this, which is crazy because I can be a real grouch about this topic. But, I am taking on some cool projects, developing my skills and taking wicked courses! Yipee.

8. Write more.

Well, this is a sorta. I decided to start a novel-writing course and backed out after 1 class. Not only was it bad timing (during lacrosse) but also with a bunch of non-inspiring-nincompoops. So, I have taken writing courses at work, have written more for work, and some personal ish as well.

9. Travel somewhere, anywhere.

YESSSS! Ok, so tomorrow I head to Vancouver, in August I head to Chicago and another hottie place is planned for October. I kicked this goals ASS.

10. Continue to say no.

I’m super good at this now. Just watch, “no”. Oh, so good.

11. Have less friends, and better relationships.

Mhmmm, peace out “faux-friends”.

How are you doing with your goals?