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Hardy har har. A little former CFL Cheerleader is going to make predictions.

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Yep. Let’s continue.

I watched bits and pieces of most games in week 1, mostly because I was on vacation and no where near a TV for longer than a few minutes at a time, but what I did see was the TSN Season Preview. I mostly agreed with what was being said, including the fact that Shawn Gore will blow up this year (biased, go Newtonbrook Secondary School), however I do believe that Ian Logan is underrated (until today) in the Secondary, and that Coach Kavis Reed and his Esks will be the best team to watch develop this year. I’m going to make every attempt to keep this a-rollin’ all season long and give rationale for my choices. I will never give scores, I find that silly and don’t want to be a fool – plus I hate numbers and math. And yes, I will choose the Als for games, but keep in mind, I can’t stand them and will make that known right now. So, with that being said, let’s get started on the season I like to call…

“Anybody but the Alouettes”


Toronto vs. Winnipeg: Winnipeg takes this in a close fought game. The Bombers defense last week showed they’re a solid force to be reckoned with, and when you can keep putting points on the board, that’s a beauty combo. Toronto and Winnipeg see each other a lot in the beginning of the season, and I expect both teams to take their Home Opener.

Calgary vs. BC: The Lions trample on the Stampeders, and pump up the hometown crowd who is looking for their team to be in the Grey Cup this year at home. The Alouettes were almost beat by BC last week, and I believe the talent BC has, along with their crowd, will be the edge they need to knock over Calgary and have them sitting at the bottom of the West in week 2.

Montreal vs. Saskatchewan: Hate to break it to Sask, but this Grey Cup rematch will again go to the East. No other rationale besides the Als being good, and Sask looking a little shaky.

Hamilton vs. Edmonton: Edmonton takes it in a VERY close game. I think both teams can make waves this season, and both have a lot to prove. But I am sticking with the Esks this week hoping rookie HC Kavis can pull out another W.

What do you think CFL fans? You can tell me I’m crazy, knock yourselves out. Just make sure you’re supporting our Canadian league and watching this week.

I’m so glad it’s football season.