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It feels so good to be right…

Week 2 proved to be very good to me – 3/4 games correct, I’ll take it! I have to give it to you all, the amount of people who told me I should give my Miss Argo 2006 tiara back had me praying to the football Gods that Winnipeg would win (just so I could show my face again). They did, and normally I don’t like to brag, but that first W felt good. But that wasn’t all that I noticed this week…

Two things I’d like to point out – the Eskimos and Calgary’s offence.

The Esks are continuing to surprise everyone, and I mean literally shocking the West. If you said they’d be 1st place at ANY point this season, you’re lying (even I didn’t think that). The last time the Esks were undefeated going into week 3 was in 2005 when they won the Grey Cup (but don’t plan the parade just yet). Ricky Ray continues to prove why he’s one of the top QB’s in the league, completing 21 out of 31 passes, totalling 388 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions. With a team playing in all new positions, I’d say those are some pretty good numbers. Oh, and see that Henry Burris, no interceptions. Which brings me to Calgary’s offence. Clearly they can put points on the board, 34 to be exact, but Henry Burris continues to give up easy interceptions – 3 in total this game. Get a better handle on that and I do believe they will be the ones to give the Alouettes a run for their money. Oh, and Joffrey Reynolds is one seriously sick RB – that is all.

This week I see one game that could go either way, and with that being said, here are my picks for Week 3.

Calgary vs Winnipeg: I am going to give it to the West (not that I want to). I think Henry Burris can get down the amount of interceptions and walk away with this game, if he wants to. They are a solid team, and unless the Winnipeg Blue Bomber Offence plays a more solid game, Calgary maintains the lead, and at no fault of the Bombers defense.

Toronto vs. Montreal: Boo, hiss, booooo. Yep, I know I’ll hear it again. The Alouettes take this game and Toronto sits 1-2 going into their home opener.

Saskatchewan vs. Hamilton: I truly believe Sask is going to get their act together and climb out of bottom spot in the West. While I believe these teams are well matched, Hamilton’s offence will not be able to put enough points on the board to get them through this one.

BC vs. Edmonton: I am still riding the Esks train, and believe that at home, they will go toe-to-toe with a 0-2 BC. If they continue to play their game, running and throwing the ball, this team should sit at the top of the West again next week.

That’s it for me, kids. This week kicks off on Thursday night with what I predict will be the game of the week to watch.