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Saskatchewan… you’re killing me kids.

What is going on in the West this year? BC, you’re hurting my heart. I for some odd reason think you will balance the scale out, but wow, hurry up. Sask on the other hand, glad you enjoyed your winning seasons while you could. I wonder how those All Dressler chips taste now.

Nothing saddens me more than to see two supposedly great teams “shit-the-bed” at the start of the season – oh wait, no it doesn’t. I like seeing the underdog race out of the gate, and for that, I applaud Edmonton. 3 wins. 3 wins to start their season. I don’t care if they lose every other game this year, 3 wins when everyone thought they would be sitting where Saskatchewan is right now. Congratulations Esks, you’re doing Edmonton proud. Coach of the year? Too soon? I digress.

While I’m not happy to do this, as a girl who was at the game Damon Allen broke this record, Anthony Calvillo broke Damon Allen’s all-time TD passes record in Friday night’s 40-17 home win over the Argonauts. Ouchhhh. But good for him, and congrats Als fans on a big win (not that I was surprised). On the other side of Ontario, Winnipeg put up a good fight, but unlike the Als who have a solid QB, the struggle continues for the Bombers to put up points to match their extraordinary D. Pierce – out due to injury, Elliot – out due to injury, Goltz – long shot TC guy who was resigned. While Pierce is expected to start against the Argos on Saturday, if he can’t lead the reins, it will be up to third-stringer Alex Brink to take the charge. Ummm, ahhh, yikes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but all I keep thinking is, “why did you give up Jyles?” – and yes, he’s injured too. All I can say is, I wouldn’t want to be playing for the Bombers as QB… dun, dun, dun.

Week 4 – I’m excited. Toronto finally has their home opener, although don’t even get pumped that I’m going to pick the boys in double blue. Edmonton sees Calgary and I think it will be a great rival game (battle of Alberta!). And of course, Sask will remind me of the little kid whose ice cream was toppled over – so sad.

Hamilton vs. BC: Hamilton takes this match, as I just can’t foresee BC stepping their game up any time soon. I was really impressed with Hamilton last week, should have given them more credit. I predict Glenn and his offence to continue to play their game, and watch BC’s defence struggle to keep up.

Winnipeg vs. Toronto: Even with their “so who’s playing QB?” plight, I believe Winnipeg takes the W. This will be a battle of the D’s and whoever can put points on the board quicker, will come out victorious. I could get in trouble for this pick, but I’ll be at the cottage. Enjoy the game, Toronto!

Edmonton vs. Calgary: I’m sticking with my boys. That is all. Edmonton wins in a close game.

Saskatchewan vs. Montreal: Greg Marshall, there’s always a place open to drown your sorrows in Montreal. Have fun after, big guy.

That’s it for me this week, 3/4 is great and all but I want 100% picks this week. Oh, and Argos fans, I promise I’ll pick them at some point.