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Say whaaa?

Ya, pretty much.

I honestly got really freaking conceited on Saturday night after pulling off 3 W’s last week. I felt like a CFL Picking QUEEN! Not even a princess, a QUEEN! And then, wow. I mean, I am pretty happy that someone knocked down the Als (especially in the standings) but I didn’t see that one coming. So Sask, good on ya. Als, get better (I’ve always wanted to say that!)

Week 4 came and went just as I had otherwise expected. Winnipeg proved why they’re a great team, Edmonton proved a point in Alberta, and BC continues to shit the bed on a weekly basis. None of this is shocking, nor was it “unexpected” but hey, some of you thought otherwise and that’s probably why you’re not collecting funds from proline.

Week 5 is a bit of a different ball game. There are a lot of games this week that will be a shot in the dark. But I will stick with 2 teams that haven’t done me wrong – Winnipeg and Edmonton. Both teams are solid. Edmonton has by FAR the best player in the league. Fred Stamps, you sir are just… incredible. See his catch below, in awe. Do work, bud.

Winnipeg just continues to be my choice because they win games. Plus, watching Terence Jeffers-Harris score 2 TDs after last week, and Buck Pierce have an exceptional second half, was pretty sweet. Solid O, Solid D.

Here are my picks for Week 5:

BC vs Winnipeg: The Bombers. They are the better team, hands down.

Montreal vs Hamilton: Sure, Calvillo could be back – although he shouldn’t be. QBs and eye injuries are tough – you kinda need to see, perfectly. If they dress McPherson this could easily be a W for Hamilton. I am taking the Ticats.

Toronto vs Edmonton: I’m taking the Esks, and hope they continue on their quest for their bike. And I also dedicate this song to them, go Esks!

Calgary vs. Saskatchewan: Ahhh… umm… Calgary? I think Sask played well last week. No, they played like the Sask the league has come to know and love. But I think Calgary will take this game. I won’t be surprised if I’m wrong – but hey, hasn’t happened a lot yet.

That’s it for me this week. Enjoy the games!