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David Braley must be on suicide watch.

Sir, it can only go up from here. To be honest I wouldn’t have expected this showing out of the Toronto Argos and the BC Lions while in pre-season. It’s tough to watch these teams slip week after week, but I believe one can turn things around in week 6. Wally Buono will be pumping a fist this week. BC will defeat Saskatchewan and get their first win of the season, and here is why: Shawn Gore, Tim Brown, Paul McCallum – too much talent to not win in week 6. I am slightly biased – I have watched Gore play since he was in a high school, but he is one talented athlete. McCallum received Special Teams Player of the Week, and frankly, he was the reason why BC came close against the Bombers. As for Tim Brown, he’s just a pleasure to see zip around the field. I am hoping to see these guys excited this week – sorry Rider nation.

Also, can I just say – picking Hamilton last week, fantastic choice!

I’ll be in Chicago, so no CFL action for me this week. Enjoy the games, and be sure to tweet me and let me know how I do.

Montreal vs. Toronto: While Montreal has been a bit of a disaster in the past 2 weeks, they will come to play this week. It’s a short turn around for both teams, and after the impressive display in the 4th quarter to narrow down the lead, Montreal will be ready for the Argos. I’m taking the Als.

Edmonton vs. Winnipeg: I love both these teams, but I am giving the edge to Winnipeg.

Saskatchewan vs. BC: As I stated before, the Lions will finally get a win, and they’ll do it at home.

Hamilton vs. Calgary: Sorry Stamps, the Ticats are on a high right now and they’re about to roll right through you. I am taking the Ticats, and boy am I impressed with their game play right now. Stala and Glenn, keep on keepin’ on.

Oh, and my record: 16-4

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