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Maybe Taylor Swift is cheering for the Argos…?

Ummm, probably not.

This season for the Argos has just been sad. I have nothing fantastic to say about them (does anyone though?) and with Kevin Eiben out for the season – I think we should put them on perma bye week. But, I love a good underdog, so start fighting, Toronto. You can do it! Whoa! *pom shake*

In other CFL news, former RB Jesse Lumsden beat Mantracker on the weekend (or last fall). He had a fundraiser to premiere the episode in Calgary for two very good causes. Want to donate? Click here. I’m sure he would thank you, with a high 5.

As for week 7 – well, this should be interesting. Edmonton and the Als is probably my favourite match-up of the week. With Stamps out, and “No-Pick-Rick” quickly shaking off that title, it’s hard to say whether or not Edmonton can keep a float. At the same time, the Als haven’t proved to be anything worth writing home about lately. Beating the Argos doesn’t mean you’re “rolling off a high”, and Edmonton is looking to wipe away the wrongs of last weeks loss. I say Edmonton, yep, I’m calling it.

Week 7 Picks:

Edmonton vs. Montreal: Please find your bike boys, please. Edmonton in a really close match.

Calgary vs. Saskatchewan: 429 yards last game, folks. Those are big numbers to be putting on the board and I am happy to see Henry Burris and his team blowing it up on the field again. Calgary takes this battle in the west.

Toronto vs. Hamilton: Oskee Wee Wee… I’m gonna be in so much trouble in Toronto. Hamilton takes this game in the best rivalry match in the East.

Winnipeg vs. BC: Where do I get my Swaggerville T-shirt? I was cut up since Week 1 for picking the Bombers, look who is swagging on now. Winnipeg takes this if they stay FOCUSED. Bye week comes after boys, not before.

Enjoy the games, I’ll be hiding out in Hamilton for the weekend, where Argo fans can’t hurt me.