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Really, bud?

Avon Cobourne, I am shaking my head in disgust at you. I don’t even know where to begin with this story, so many facets of it make me want to give him the “talk to the hand face”.

Here’s where we’ll start.

That happened. And then he didn’t say sorry, he defended himself. *Jaw dropped*

REALLLLLYYY?! You think that was ok??!!?! That’s making it all worse! Are you single? If not, you should be now. Personally, I didn’t really think he was smart enough to realize that what he RTed was not only beyond offensive, but highly inappropriate for a professional athlete, but after being given a chance to apologize, and not taking IT… WHATTT! You are a “professional athlete” bud, act like it. Plus, Hamilton, how is this a cheer you guys have? So pitiful… what day and age are you living in that you think it would be ok to say that out loud, nevermind ONLINE! Crazy, crazy. I am certain the league will be doing something about this (which I will jump up and down for, WITH POMS, AVON!)

Let me take the high road here and just say this – those girls have more talent in their pinky than you have. Done.

Moving along to actual CFL news…

I’m picking the Argos this week! I feel like I am going to get hugs from my entire city. Why you ask? Well, they played pretty well last week – and I think they can beat the Riders. I am pumped for this – absolutely ecstatic. Let’s do it Double Blue!

As for the other game of the week Edmonton takes BC. I don’t even want to talk about it… I’m still sad about last game. But I believe they will prevail (I hope).

That’s it for me, enjoy the 1st of 2 Bye weeks, folks. And play safe online, I’m watching you boys…