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Not you Cleo, but I guess that fits (see ya).

No one likes losing, but losing is harder when you’re not used to it. Insert Montreal (well, the 2010 and 2009 versions) and Winnipeg. What… Happened…? Frankly I couldn’t have been more excited to see Montreal brought to tears in the Labour Day (cough not) Classic, but hey, can you blame me? The same could not have been said as I was brought to tears the night before watching Sask dance around Winnipeg.

But that’s the best thing about this week, revenge weekend baby! Let’s see how this week stacks up.

Calgary at Edmonton: last week I was happy to lose this game, because my Esks are back! I’m taking them this week (sorry HB) but I’m feeling love for a back to back sweep in Alberta.

Toronto at BC: I tweeted that I wouldn’t be picking the Argos again for the rest of the season. I meant it. Even though Jyles is one of my favourite QB’s in the CFL, one player isn’t enough to change an entire team in a week. Go Gore!

Hamilton at Montreal: ask any CFL player, no one loves playing in Montreal. I’ve been there, on the field, it’s not a good time. With that being said, they also don’t like losing. So combine no fun, and a lack of enjoyment when losing, and you have Montreal this week. They’re coming out for blood, and they’ll get the job done. (By the way, Hamilton, you rock my world. I was like a proud sister this week. Never change.)

Saskatchewan at Winnipeg: Last game hurt my heart, but this one won’t. You don’t come to Swaggerville and win. Sorry Rider Nation, don’t expect a repeat, you’re not getting one.

That’s it for me! Remember to follow me on twitter —> it’s over there. Also, check out 3rd and Long this week. These guys make my week, seriously. They also gave me a theme song, and it’s rather appropriate.

Enjoy the games, guys!