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I wish I was laughing… I’m slipping big time! On the plus side, I did go 2-2, so I’ll take what I can get. Let’s discuss the boys who are making my heart hurt – Swaggerville. I haven’t lost hope. That’s the best part of the CFL, you never know who is going to play well on any given weekend, and it’s hard to stay at the top with so many teams (especially your rivals) trying to take you down. With the return of Fantuz, the Riders were charged up and they came for the sweep, good for them.

But, what is with players engaging in fan craziness? Turn around and watch the field. No one needs to see you yelling at fans on TSN. You look ridiculous, pay attention. “Act like you’ve been there before”.

As for this week – I’m throwing darts at a wall, no joke, that’s really happening. I have no rhyme or reason for any of these picks, especially the first and last games. So without further adieu…. lehgo.

Edmonton vs. Hamilton: I dunno… ummmm… Hamilton? They’re at home, I hope it’s a lucky place again this week.

Toronto vs. Saskatchewan: since I refuse to pick the Argos again, gooooo Riders!

BC vs. Calgary: Calgary is playing well, and they will continue to. I’m not yet buying what BC is selling.

Winnipeg vs. Montreal: Swaggerville can’t lose 3 games in a row, can they? No way they’ll let Montreal creep into a tie for 1st place (right?)

Enjoy the games everyone, and on a side note: best time of the year. CFL, NFL and NCAA (Go Bombers, Cowboys and TCU!)