Ohhhhh snap, I missed last week.

Let’s forget about it……..

Ok FINE! I got everything wrong. Are we HAPPY NOW!

Ugghhhhh, I love and hate this league so much. Nothing makes sense any more. But what did make sense is the amount of wine I drank at the Argos/Bombers game (hey-o!)

I just want to put it behind me, and ease into week 14. So, here we go…

Alouettes vs. Blue Bombers: I know what you’re thinking, you’re picking Swaggerville, again? Yep, I am. That was a tough pill to swallow, and they’ll come out guns-a-blazin this week (I hope).

Eskimos vs. Lions: Let’s go with BC. Why? Because it’s the first time they’re playing in the new and improved BC Place. Lehgo, build some history boys!

Riders vs. Stamps: I am going with Riders, and I have no idea why – so don’t ask.

Ticats vs. Argos: Oskee Wee Wee, why? Meh. Because I said so. And there is something funny about Hamilton winning in Toronto.

That’s it for me, folks. If you use my picks to win money – hahahahahahaha!