Is everyone full from Thanksgiving? Who is not wearing pants today? Hands up *ooh ooh oooh* yep, me too!

Today I am extra excited though, because I finally thought it was the perfect time for my new Linea Pelle purse.

Isn’t she beautyyyfull!

The green is perfect for me, goes with my gold/green/yellow depending on the day, eyes. I also wanted to send a big thank you to my friend Val Stachurski for holding the contest that led me to my new friend – such a doll and her blog is fantastic.

Linea Pelle is worn by the who’s who in Hollywood, and now Toronto!

Ha! Ok, well, at least in Hollywood. But I love it to pieces, and I’m sure we’ll make many memories together.

I need to learn how to take better pictures…. jeeze, SK.

My purse: Moss Dylan Speedy