When all your dreams come true, who do you want standing next to you?

First of all, One Tree Hill is one of my favourites. A lot of my sane girlfriends and I enjoy this show tremendously, and I preface that with sane because this is a dramatic show. Not quite on the level of Dawson’s Creek, but you catch my drift. Secondly, it’s a full hour of feelings sharing, and since I don’t do that very well – I admire these 28 year olds pretending like they’re in high school. Thirdly, this is a scene with a cheerleader, how can I not adore it?

This moment really defines what’s important in life. We all work hard for something, anything really. Whether it be that big Championship, a dream job, finishing a race or having a family – it’s your dream, and it’s come true. Who do you want to share that with?

Sure it’s easy to do it on your own. Often easier than including someone in your plans. It’s hard to merge goals and see someone else succeed while your goals or level of importance to that person takes a seat on the back burner. But who wants to achieve their dream and be standing there alone? Talk about the peak of loneliness.

So think about it… when all your dreams come true, who do you want standing there beside you? I hope they know.