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It’s all over the place.

Everywhere you look now you can see a situation where someone has been beat down (literally or emotionally) and are at their breaking point. There are videos of women being beaten on the street, women going topless at a nightclub and dancing for a rap star, pictures of protestors and shoppers being sprayed in close range with pepper spray and videos of people crying out for help. There are videos of people saying it gets better. Maybe we should all get better.

We’re awful to each other. Absolutely terrible. We’re awful to people we don’t like, but worse, we’re the worst to those people in our corner. There’s only so much a person can take before they reach their breaking point – and whether it’s someone you know, or a stranger on the street – get better. Be better. I think I speak for most people who are sick of seeing or reading about how poorly we treat one another.

We all should be better than that.