This is just all together sad that I am writing this, but it must be done. The end of an era must be captured correctly. Documented for my own personal memories.

One Tree Hill has changed my life. THAT IS SO SILLY! Right? A TV show has changed my life? Who am I? But it has.

I started watching OTH when I was 17. It has brought me through 9 years, years that have changed the person that I am today. I’ve literally grown-up with these characters. And tonight, it’s coming to an end.

There is something that always felt right about this show, and probably because I idolized small town America (why Nicholas Sparks happens to be my favourite writer), and also the beautiful story telling. Not the show per se, the stories. When Lucas would open with a monologue, that has now transcended into a 9th season filled with inner monologues, it just felt right.

Brooke was always a character that boys wanted to be with, and girls wanted to be like. Hayley, a shining example of leadership and fulfilling dreams. Nathan, watching him grow was my most favourite. Lucas and Peyton, struggling through their teens. It made you feel like you knew them. As if they were your friends.

Tonight I will simply be, inconsolable. Friends wanted to get together and watch, but I know for me, closing this chapter in my TV life is best left to do on my own. I will forever have every season on DVD, so I can watch and relive those years over. But OTH has brought me out of hard times, taught me many lessons on love and friendship, and has inevitably been a wonderful companion.

It’ll be strange watching the last show, I will keep with me one thing: Brooke asked Lucas, “when all your dreams comes true, who do you want standing beside you?” – keep dreaming.