A new friend, a great friend, said to me – “don’t hitch yourself to a falling star”. And I think more of us need to hear that.

Stars are illuminating. No matter how high in the sky, they are sparkles of light that, in the right moment, catch your breath. I once was “dating” (I use that term loosely) a boy who wanted to take me out star gazing. In the back of his truck, up in cottage country – to simply look at stars and enjoy each others company. I was IN. I mean, I was INNNN. He was handsome and he had a truck and he wanted to look at stars. Until he had a girlfriend, and the idea lost all of its lustre.

Point being, he was a falling star. He wasn’t going anywhere, and he only adored me because he thought I was bright, and radiant, and energetic. Well at least he was smart and observant!

Truth be told – I’ve hitched myself to a lot of falling stars. Ones that shine briefly, and flicker with sparkle just enough to make me hold on. But I can say, with experience, that the best thing to do with those stars is let them go. Immediately. Without looking back.

Star gazing is all about looking up in the sky and finding the most glorious star to feast your eyes on… no one looks to be captivated by the dull star, the star that is fizzling out. And while some may see that as an act of selfishness, maybe you should stand by the dull star to make them brighter – try it. It’ll suck the life right out of you. And I can guarantee they’ll start to look brighter than you in comparison. You’re too wonderful for that.

Hitch yourself to a higher star in the sky. I do with all the stars I surround myself with. Shining bright, for all to see.