So you screwed the prom queen?

– Good for you.

So you made out with the Quarterback of the Football team?

– Good for you.

No one successful ever peaked in high school.

One of my favourite teachers told me that when I was in grade 12, and very unsure of myself.

I realized recently that everyones perception of reality in high school is a tad skewed. I would say I was a theatre geek who wasn’t really apart of the cool kids club – but truth be told, by movie standards, being captain of your cheerleading team and friends with the popular girls and guys isn’t all that bad. But, having said that, we all remember what we want to, and I remember all the guys who blew me off in high school only to ask me out years later.

Peaking in high school – congratulations. I’ve seen many who did. But if you haven’t noticed, the ones who didn’t really fit in, the ones who were kind of nerdy, maybe weren’t up to hollywood movie standards of cool – well those people now run companies, have the coolest jobs, and probably have more sex.

More sex people, they probably have more sex. If that isn’t a reason to want to peak OUT of high school, I don’t know what is.