I hate “Father’s Day”.

Let me be more specific, I hate the sense of entitlement that comes with that day.  So I am going to rebrand it. Here’s why.

Fathering a child is so much different than being a Dad. Dad’s watch your dance recitals. Dad’s pick you up when you collapse after your first broken heart. Dad’s take you to your first football game. Dad’s are protective when a boy comes over for the first time. Dad’s know your biggest fears. Dad’s fix your golf swing. Dad’s are waving from the audience when you walk across that stage on graduation day. Dad’s do it because they love their children, because it doesn’t make sense not to be there. Dad’s… not Father’s.

So Happy Dad’s Day. Not all of you asked for the job, but you took it on anyways. For that, you deserve more than a day – you deserve all the glory.