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Last week I had to give her back, Black Beauty that is. A beautiful Infiniti G37 S, and boy did I love her.

Most of you are probably unaware that I used to work for a luxury car brand, and that I love cars. Especially cars with power behind them.

So when Infiniti approached me about driving a G37, I was very excited! Not only do I drive every day, but that week I had a lot of events to go to, and it was nice to pull up in style. I have to tell you about a few of my favourite features…

This may seem silly, but this clock was what everyone noticed when we were driving around the city. A small detail, that screams fancy shmancy.

I also adored the colour of the car, black, with merlot sparkles. And yes, merlot. I do enjoy a good glass of wine and it is my greatest comparison to the actual colour. It caught most people off guard, and really did speak to women who love cars but also want a hint of femininity.

The windshield wipers sensed rain! I thought it was such a great feature, especially when driving through the city (so many pockets of rain/no rain/rain/no rain) and it really did help.

Also, XM radio (you can see my little hands in the pic)! Highway, The Heat – a few favourites that I got to enjoy. Fun fact: the Bose sound system was installed prior to the completion of the car, so that Infiniti could design the interior in order to have optimum sound. It worked! It sounded like a studio in there.

Once again, a big HUGE thanks to Infiniti Canada for the experience, and all my friends who came with me on trips!

We had ourselves a time!

I would recommend this car for anyone looking for speed, as well as some class.

And ladies, if you can’t drive it in heels, it’s not for you 😉

Happy Driving!