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I have this ‘thing’ about loyalty. Always have. That one should be as loyal as possible to matters of the heart. To those pieces that construct our being. That Love, Friendship and Loyalty are not only the reminders on my ring finger, the icon of my homeland, but also 3 words I hold to a higher level.

I believe love can be wishy washy but also one of the truest forms of emotion.

That friendship, at this age, can be categorized in a vast amount of ways. More often than not, as family vs. acquaintances.

But that loyalty is simply that, being loyal.

I’ve come to realize, over the last few years, that loyalty separates the men from the boys. That as we grow, we learn more about ourselves if we commit to that cause. That unwavering study of who we are as individuals. Who we strive to be, and be around. And that while there may be billions of people in this world, your person matters.

Look out into the depths of the scenery around you, take a deep breath, and discover. Find out what you’re loyal to. Who you are loyal to. And move that all down, one rung, on the ladder of life. The person you should be most loyal to, is you. Everything else will beautifully fall into their place.